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Python Documentation
Phyton Tutorial HTML by Alan Gauld (IT)
Phyton Tutorial by Guido van Rossum (IT)
Phyton Reference Manual by Guido van Rossum (IT)
Phyton Reference Library by Guido van Rossum (IT)

Link to Tweepy Library for Python
Link to Tweepy Library in Python Central site

RaspBerry Documentation
Raspberry, The Complete Manual
Getting Started with Raspberry Pi

Link to RaspBerry's Tutorials

Link to How to set up a secure Raspberry     -->   pdf version
Link to Create a Raspberry Mail Server
Installing and configuring Postfix, Dovecot, Squirrelmail and Spamassassin

Iniziare con RaspBerry by Augusto Scatolini

RaspBerry Useful Web links
Links from Electronic Open Source
Link to MagPi Magazine
Link to WebIOPi - The Raspberry Pi Internet of Things Framework
Link to WIKI Applicazioni Raspberry
Linux Documentation
Linux Bible 2008
Linux Reference
Teach Yourself Linux In 24 Hours

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